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Dead [Wednesday,
January 31st, 2007]

StuffStash is rather deeeeeeeeeeeead.

Just like the TedHead PeoplePages, Ted's innovative ideas are being replaced with big social networking sites. Facebook allows you to view lots of profiles and now you can post interesting links to stuff too. And the Files link at the top doesn't even work, and I'm too lazy to fix it.

Oh well. I hereby declare this to be the end of StuffStash. But feel free to post more stuff should you choose to. I shall turn to the dark side of Facebook instead.


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MySpace: The Movie [Saturday,
October 21st, 2006]


Watch it here!
It's surprisingly not nerdy and pretty funny. This short film takes the dumb things about MySpace and all the emo pictures, how seriously people take being in someones "Top 8", etc. to make a funny video! Woooo check it out.
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Dumb Random Funny Sites [Thursday,
October 12th, 2006]

hehehe turn on your speakers



Yeah, that's all for now :P hehe
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Little Superstar [Saturday,
September 23rd, 2006]

To make up for the lack of activity around here, I bring you a foreign midget getting his groove on.
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SPC Card Pre-order with Gift Card [Thursday,
July 20th, 2006]


SPC Card is the ultimate discount card for students in Canada. It gives you sweet deals at dozens of stores across Canada and is definitely worth its cost!

SPC is currently having a promo where if you pre-order before August 1st, you get a free $10 gift card for either Burger King, Urban Behaviour, Esprit, Guess, French Connection, or a $5 Greyhound. Alternatively, you can wait till school starts and purchase it from your school, and that comes with a little goodie bag of free samples of stuff, but I like Burger King, so I ordered this ;-)

Also, you can pay for this online with DEBIT if you want!!! But only if your account is set up with online banking. Mine is! So that's awesome.

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July 19th, 2006]

This site seems kind of neat. You go there, and you can send an email to yourself, in the future. Put in your email address, write a message and then choose the date that you want the email to be sent to you. Why not email yourself about your ambitions and see if things turned out the way you hoped. It seems like it could be fun, give it a try.
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Free Text Messages [Monday,
July 17th, 2006]

Howdy all you Stuffstashers!

I was rooting around on the internet one day and I found that you can send text messages free from your computer to someone's cell phone. I haven't tried it yet to someone who doesn't have Bell service but it works great for those that do. And best of all them message is free to send and receive!

Try it here: http://www.txt.bellmobility.ca/bmc/en

Just a word of caution, the message size is the same as a normal text, but all of the stuff you put on the form takes up space in your alloted characters, so I only put the stuff that's necessary.

Happy texting!
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July 3rd, 2006]


Where: Port Perry Town Hall, Simcoe and Queen St.
When: July 6 to 8, 13 to 22, 20 to 22 at 8:00pm
How Much: $20
More Info

Chances are that you'll know someone in the cast or band. VERY good chances.
(Hehe, I will be there!)

I hope everyone will come out to at least one night to cheer on some familiar faces!

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Control your PC from anywhere! [Sunday,
June 25th, 2006]


This award winning service allows you to control your computer(s) from another computer! Computer nerds have done this for years, but this service makes it extremely simple and free! Basically, you log in on the site, and if your computer that you are allowed access to is turned on, you see exactly what would appear on your monitor at home! You can then type and click, just like you were sitting right at your desk at home or anywhere else. You can add access to as many computers as you want (I have two, so I have both of mine in my account) and you can even invite others to view/control computers as well.


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Windows Live Messenger released! [Saturday,
June 24th, 2006]

It's that time again! Canada's favorite instant messenger has been updated, and with Microsoft working hard on a whole new online branding and identity thingy called "Live" for their new version of Windows, MSN Messenger has an all new name: Windows Live Messenger. It's obvious to most people how to upgrade their Messenger, but here's a few extra things you can do if you wanna be cool like me ;-)

1. Download Windows Live Messenger
Obviously! Go get it at messenger.msn.ca. Download it, install it, enjoy it.

2. Download and apply the "Mess Patch"
mess.be is the most popular Messenger site on the web, and they develop their own patch for MSN/Windows Live Messenger to remove ads, unwanted tabs, unwanted buttons, and all sorts of other crap. You can totally customize it to add or remove whatever you want. I highly recommend it to make your Messenger as sleek and sexy as possible! A direct link to the mess patch that works on Windows Live Messenger version 8.0.0787 & 8.0.0792 (the latest releases at the time of posting this) is right here.

3. Download "msgplus Live!"
msgplus has long been the preferred add-on for MSN/Windows Live Messenger. It has TONS of features, like changing the color of your MSN name, leaving away messages (messages that will automatically pop up to your users when you are away), sending sounds to other users in your messages, chat history that has no limit and looks a lot nicer than the one built in, and tons more stuff. And here is the latest one to work with Windows Live Messenger. The main download site is msgpluslive.net, but it seems to be overloaded, so here and here are a few alternative download links.
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Soda Scare [Wednesday,
May 24th, 2006]

Soft drinks are actually a lot less healthy for you than you would imagine.

Click here to find out how it helps in causing osteoperosis, cancer, diabetes, and general unhealthiness.

I know this is something you may just skim over, but reading this could change your way of thought and be very important for you.
If you know me, you know I drink tons of Coke and/or Pepsi every day, and a lot of symptoms that I feel are listed off in this article, such as stomach irritation and brittle bones.

So everyone go out and get one of those cool water bottles... nalgene or something? And stay healthy. Break the caffeine addiction!
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Easy Music Downloading [Monday,
May 22nd, 2006]

I was gonna post a big guide on the best music downloading programs as well as stuff to keep you protected from the evil clutches of the recording industry. But why bother, when you have this!

Owned by AOL, this is a really easy way to find specific songs and download them. You can change formats and stuff on the left to make sure you just get an MP3 if you wanna put it on your MP3 player or something. It has tons of content, so check it out. To save a song to your computer, right-click the title, then click "Save Target As..." and choose a location on your computer.

Alternatively, if this doesn't get you the results you want, here are two other not as great but still really good resources that work similarly. AltaVista Audio Search and eMP3Finder.
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May 16th, 2006]

This is just too cool! For those of you into art, you will be amazed and mesmerized in awe. Simply click in the middle of the picture to move forward, and click and drag downward to move backwards. Check out all the detail that went into this, it looks like a year's worth of work. Pure genius!


Also, this is really $#@*#*% twisted. You have been warned. Definitely rated PG13 (maybe even R! but no nudity, ...awww), open at your own discretion. It took me a couple times to get through it 'cause it's kinda disturbing. It involves an alien-like creature, a psychologist, a dog, drugs, and what seems to be some sort of weird rave dance.... Give it a few minutes to load because it's a video.


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Call a phone from your PC [Monday,
May 15th, 2006]

This is amazing! Legitimate! Ground-breaking! I did it myself, and it works!

The popular VoIP service called Skype is now allowing you to make a call to any phone line in the US or Canada from your computer for FREE! That's crazy! No long distance! And the plain coolness of calling from your computer! Whoa!!! So cool!
I just finished calling my own house, it was an amazing experience :P Awesome.


If you can't figure out how to do it, leave a comment and I shall assist.
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MSN site [Saturday,
May 13th, 2006]

Allow me to announce the best MSN helper site out there:
This site allows you to see who is blocking you, who you have deleted, who deleted you, and there's also a handy contact list rebuilder for when MSN goes a little screwy.

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Chuck Norris Confronts his Jokes and E3 Coverage [Wednesday,
May 10th, 2006]


Chuck Norris appears on television to read 10 of the popular "Chuck Norris" facts on the air.

Hahaha, I love these, and Chuck Norris telling them is great too.

Students at Gordon College act out a live version of Super Mario. It's awesome.

If you're a monstrous nerd like me and want to know all about the new video game systems of the future that are coming out in competition with XBOX360 as well as other stuff, the biggest gaming event of the year is going on where all that is being announced. Gamespot has excellent coverage of the event.
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Music Genome Project [Thursday,
April 6th, 2006]

So I'm sitting at work and this amazing lady I work with, Terrie, says "Hey Nat, come check this out."

So, I go over to the computer screen and she shows me this amazing new website. It's at


Basically, you sign up for free and you type in any song you want to hear played. Unfortunately, not all songs will be listed due to copyrights and such, but otherwise it's an awesome website. I even type in showtunes and they build an entire station around a specific song!

They choose what style the song is in and choose other songs that are similar. It's really great for work, and even at home if I want to listen to new music, it introduces me to new songs. It's really great and I think you should check it out!!
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Flute Beatboxing [Wednesday,
April 5th, 2006]


Very interesting concept. Beatboxing combined with flute playing!

I've been pretty slack with posting stuff here... I only do easy links and stuff now. But I have so much more to share! Ah well. I dunno if anyone comes around here anymore anyway. I originally made this so I could randomly tell people about stuff, so I thought making it a LJ community would be cooler and then other people might wanna share too, but if nobody does, meh, I won't be too upset :P
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ajaxWrite - Word Processing Online [Friday,
March 24th, 2006]

NOTE: This only works if you are using Mozilla Firefox (not internet explorer) Thanks Jenn.

Don't have access to Microsoft Word? Wanna save some money and NOT buy Microsoft Office? Need to urgently complete an essay this weekend?

Introducing ajaxWrite, the web-based word processor. Simply put, you don't need to download anything. A window pops up and you can type just like you were in Microsoft Word. Isn't that amazing?

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MacMillan Singers Performance (and me!) [Saturday,
March 18th, 2006]


This is a big one, people. Nexus is huge in Toronto, plus it features some pretty hardcore musicians (myself included, hehe). We'll be making a recording of the performance. It features some really neat music; African celebration, for those of you that know it, along with a few other African pieces (the Shona Mass) and Hatfield's Uberlebengross, a sassy song for the women to sing. On top of that, we're doing The Winter Sun by John Burge. It's a wonderful piece for choir and percussion; sort of dreamy and reflective, a parallel to life in Canada and our inevitable fates which await us.

It's right on-campus in Toronto at the music faculty. Go right to Union station and take the subway up to the Museum stop on the University line. The faculty is right there and it's in the MacMillan Theatre. (Just read the ad, hehe.) It's going to be good.
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